When you’re so tired that you can’t see “it”…

When was the last time you were exhausted? The tired body, the overactive mind, the stress or anxiety behind it all…for some of us it’s far too often. Whether it’s everyday life, grief or a particular battle we are facing, it can be overwhelming. Our minds can get clouded by the clutter and we need a sign of relief.

I have a friend who has been actively caring for her husband for years. He has had major health battles that they have won but the battle continues and they need a miracle. She selflessly works to improve and prolong his health.  She has a great faith in God and is a warrior for the truth.  She is amazing and, yet, she is also tired. She won’t give up, and yet, she needs some rest and some hope. 

She posted a photo on social media the other day of one of her houseplants. Instead of the green leaf and stems standing tall, they were collectively drooping to one side and resting on the edge of the pot. They were still beautifully created but they were tired. They needed some major tender loving care to be able to stand again.  She posted the unfiltered photo below with a comment of, “When your plant reflects how you are doing…”

Used by permission – courtesy of DT

What she didn’t see initially, I saw immediately. In the photo there is clearly a rainbow covering the pot and plant. A rainbow, the sign of God’s promise to his people. If you believe in God, you are his people. Yes, love, you may be tired, you may need rest, you may feel like it’s going to be really hard to stand again. But God is covering you in His promises – whether you can see it right now or not.  We see it, we know it and we feel it. We’re not insisting that you need to see it but we want to promise you it’s there. Share your fears, worries and troubles with your friends and the Lord. There is power in prayer – and God hears us.  Tomorrow may be another hard day – maybe the next one will be, too. But God’s with you and he won’t desert you – even when you’re tired and can’t see signs of hope.  He will bring others near you to care for you. Friends, please say a prayer for “D” and the many others that need rest and hope today. 

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him. (Psalm 62:5 NIV) 


7 thoughts on “When you’re so tired that you can’t see “it”…

  1. Bethany
    What an encouraging word! You have a gift of putting into words what many feel. Thx for your words of encouragement. You are such a gift!


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