Bethany France is a life-long┬áMichigander (or Michiganian as some say), mom of two awesome kids, a writer, a Spanish-speaker (I clap my hands like a little girl when I hear it!), an Amazon addict, an MBA/Human Resources-by-day professional, a Christ-follower, a seven-year widow, also a divorcee, a girl who loves spending time with her girlfriends, a world traveler, a Christian music superfan, a sugar addict but working on it…

Bethany hopes to educate, inspire, entertain and motivate people in her blogs. Not all in the same blog, necessarily! I mean, she’s only human! ┬áBethany has reluctantly become an expert on grief and wants to help people understand the best ways to help someone going through it. When writing on a more humorous topic, Bethany often uses sarcasm or cheesy puns to make the reader laugh, facepalm, or smile…just a little.

Welcome! Bethany anxiously awaits comments, and sternly request that all comments be respectful or they will be deleted.


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