Don’t open that door!!!

Do you like scary movies?  I’m talking about the ones from the 80’s.  Picture the girl with a scrunchy holding her permed-hair back, (except for this tall hedge of AquaNet-sprayed bangs), with the pegged jeans just above her Keds shoes, and the shoulder-pad infused shirt…her. The innocent baby sitter who ends up in a nightmare of prank calls and slamming doors. Why, in the world, does she keep doing things that you know are going to lead to more screaming? Why not just do the safe thing? Protect the kids, protect yourself, and just wait to be rescued. Why take the risk when you know the possibilities of danger and hurt are near? And for Pete’s sake………DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR!!!!  

For me, starting this blog is opening that door!   One voice inside me is telling me not to. (Yes, I hear voices…that’s another day’s post, HA!) Anyway, one doubting voice says just play it safe, trust the people around me and just keep doing what I’m doing. In fact, while writing this I’m thinking, well, since this reminds me of Halloween and scary movies, I think I’ll wait to start the blog until October…My un-official major in college was Procrastination, by the way… Then God shows me a visual of the door. Open it now! Yes, it will be scary. No, I dont know exactly what lies on the other side. Yes, there will be people that try to judge me for opening it, or cause a rush of wind & rain to come at me when I open it. But there are a whole lot more people, I pray, that will smile and be glad I opened that door. It was never a door I thought I would be given the opportunity to open. But I know that I can reach others – to make them laugh, learn something new, be inspired to DO something, to show others that you can still smile while walking on rocky paths.

Speakers and writers are hands reaching out saying, “You are not alone.” –Shauna Niequist

So, here I am. I’m opening the door. Somewhat scared with sweaty palms, and yet, knowing God has his hands open to catch me if I trip while tip toeing over the threshold. I’m tip toeing, yet excited about all of these words and stories, that are lined up at the door chanting, “Open! Open! Open!”

What is on the other side of your door? I’m willing to bet it’s something awesome, amazing and maybe a little scary. And please don’t mistake me for saying that what I have already is not awesome and amazing. It is. I am grateful every day for what God has put in my world. Here’s my bossy tone coming out: Be Grateful for what God has placed in your world. But he will also place doors along your path if you’re willing to open them.  If you’re not quite ready to open them, it’s ok. It is. But, like the 80’s scary movie babysitter, don’t listen to anyone who says, “DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR!” 

Next week: “Boo-boo ouch”