The un-magical Christmas


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This is a great Christmas. A nice, fun, relaxing Christmas. But it’s not “magical.”  I didn’t put up any outside house lights, so I am the Scrooge neighbor in between two other Magical Houses.

I put up about ⅓ of the decorations that I normally do – mostly due to my toddler and the kitty.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m not scurrying around setting out a plate of cookies for Santa, leaving carrots for the reindeer or even mentioning Santa’s name.

About 95% of the shopping was done online,  it is 99% wrapped and mostly under the tree.

But there’s not much “Magical” about this Christmas. I haven’t watched one single Christmas movie with my kids. We haven’t read any Christmas books.

We did go to a fantastic church service that renewed my faith that God has a purpose for me and I just need to trust, follow, and let my purpose help & serve others, shining God’s light along the way. (Thank goodness church didn’t tell us we needed to be Magical).

I didn’t make a special Christmas meal today nor do I have plans to tomorrow. We had waffles tonight and I’m thinking Mac N Cheese tomorrow.

I’m just feeling “meh” this year.  I know I’m not alone in this.

I’m grateful, I’m blessed, I’m happy. But I’m also tired. And it’s ok to not be Magical this year. It’s really ok.

I’m thinking maybe next year I’ll be magical. But this year, it’s ok to just be. Be what we are, where we are, whatever that looks like.

I may be tired, but I’m not stressed. I am lucky to be where I’m at and have both kids at home with me, healthy and happy. My house is a mess and it’s not bothering me. (Maybe because I’m tired).

My hope for all of you this Christmas….is you accept where you are — and make the best of it.

Maybe this year things have changed for you. Maybe you broke tradition, by your choice or it was forced upon you. Maybe you’ve had to limit the spending or see an empty chair at the table this year. Maybe the kids are doing their own thing this year and it’s just a little quieter. Maybe you’re hoping things will be better next year.

Maybe this year you feel more blessed than ever. Maybe things couldn’t get any better. Enjoy it and appreciate it, and thank God for it.

Whatever your situation this year – magical or marginal – I hope you are able to enjoy every moment and focus on the positive, important things in life. We are all here for a (Magical) reason….Jesus Christ. We do have a purpose, talent, and gift from above and we are all loved…deeper than we can comprehend.

As long as you make the best of where you are, without comparison to what the world tells us we need to be buying and Pinterest-ing, I hope you can be at peace this season.

Love and blessings to you all….



Let it go….let it go!

I’m singing that tune tonight because I’m trying to make myself obey it.

Are you trying to tell yourself, “Let it go” to something trivial in your life? There has GOT to be something you are getting all anxious or annoyed about…that doesn’t really matter. In the grand scheme of life…it doesn’t matter. Deep down you know this.

You see – my son just handed me his grade from a project we both worked on. (I have written this sentence 5 times to avoid ending in a proposition and they all sound wrong. I apologize to anyone who is offended by this faux pas. I am asking you to “let it go.”) 🙂

About a month ago, while my son was home sick from school, we were given the details of an assignment that was coming up. It was creating an animal of your choosing out of cardboard, painting it, decorating it, etc. At the time, we completely blew it off, because we had three+ weeks of sickness in our house.

Five days before it was due, I was surfing through emails and panicked when I saw the reminder about the project. Thanks be to God, my mom was staying with us for a few days which allowed us more time to work on it.

Because this was labeled a “family project” I really dove in.  I basically led the project with a controlling agenda and let my son help. Hey, if my name is going to be on this, it has to be impressive. Sadly, these were real thoughts going through my head. Towards the end, I really thought it was good. It wasn’t museum quality, but I raised my eyebrows a few times, impressed with what I, I mean we’d, done with only three days of actually working on it.

And then, I saw a few photos on Facebook of the other kids’ (family) projects. I was stunned. I’m serious – these could be featured in a museum! My jaw dropped and instantly I felt like our tiger project stunk. I started seeing flaws that I hadn’t noticed before. The scale – oh the legs are too short! I ruined the face! Worst of all, I complained in front of my son.

But my son – he loved our project. The tiger was his idea, and he didn’t hate the visit to Michael’s to pick out the paint colors and marbles for the eyeballs. He liked painting it and told me several times he thought we were doing a good job on it. He never once changed his tune when he saw the other kids’ projects on Facebook. It didn’t even phase him to compare his project to theirs.

So why was I having such a problem with it? Maybe the other moms spent more time on it. Or, maybe they did it in two days instead of my three? Maybe they had more help. Or, maybe they didn’t. Maybe they ….  aren’t me. And these moms…I really like them. They weren’t bragging or doing it to compare to others. Why was I twisting it into an opportunity to feel bad about myself?

So, when I saw the grade “we” received…..all I could say to myself is, “Let it go.”  Let go of the guilt and the disappointment in myself. I did the best with what I had. Shame on me for introducing my son to ugly comparison, when we were already proud of what we’d done.

For what reason do you need to tell yourself “Let it go” today?

Maybe it’s wrapping presents in floral paper since you ran out of Christmas paper, telling your kids to wear their dirty jeans again since you didn’t do laundry, leaving the toddler’s crayon masterpiece on the wall, or  letting your spouse win an argument tonight for the sake of peace…..let it go.

So, pals, join me tonight: Let. It. (whatever “it” might be). GO.


I had been trying to “let it go” ever since my son turned it in and there was nothing more to be done. Now, I can for sure. ……….. Even the extra credit was earned. BOOOOOOOM!