Join me: three steps to getting back on track…

Are you on a hiatus (or procrastinating) from something you thought you’d have done by now?

Sometimes we are on a certain path, our goals are defined and we are on our way to achieve them. And then…life happens. We get distracted or displaced, our priorities shift and we have to put some dreams or projects on hold. Can you relate?  Maybe it was a choice to shift priorities and not pursue those goals for a while, or maybe it was forced due to a change in finances, jobs or family situations. 

The goals you had might be something large like completing a renovation, starting a new business, researching new job paths, losing weight, gaining muscle, eating healthy, being free of debt or writing a book. Or, the goals might not be life-changing but equally as important to you such as decluttering a room, making a photo book for your children, planting a garden, learning a new language or skill or knitting a blanket for grandbabies. What is a project or goal that you’ve put on the back burner? 

Once that project gets put on hold and time passes it can be even harder to pick it back up again. We wonder, what if I start it and then have to stop again? Can I really make it happen now? 

If you’d like to get back on track, here’s how to start: 

  1. Redefine your goals. Write them down. Pen and paper. What is it that you want to get done? It might not look the same as it did before and that’s ok. Write down your “why.” Why do you want to get it done? What joy, accomplishment or freedom will it bring you? It’s important to keep this reason front and center because it will mean more than just checking off a task on a list. Why not? Why isn’t this project getting done? If you can identify the real hurdles, that will help. Maybe it’s lack of prioritizing time, maybe it’s lack of funds, maybe it’s fear. (Spoiler alert: fear is a very common roadblock!)
  1. Get support. List who that support can come from and reach out. Whether your goals involve someone else or it’s just for you, who can you lean on for support? Try to think of at least a few people for each goal. If it’s a financial goal, maybe you meet with a financial advisor for guidance, or find an online tool that will help you track expenses. Maybe it is having an accountability partner that will check in and ask how your project is coming. Maybe it’s your family and you need their cooperation and “buy in” to help support your dream; express specific ways in which you need their help and what the end result will bring to all of you. Maybe it is someone that will pray you through the process – perseverance and accomplishment. Last, but certainly not least, ask God to help you! He hears you and will help guide you to where He knows you need to be. 
  1. Take the first step. Sometimes the first step is a large one. In other cases the first few steps are small and quick. Whether you take one big step or a few small ones, you’re on your way. Be proud of yourself! It takes courage to get back on track and not give up. The timeline might look different than before and maybe you’ve made some alterations to your original plan or detoured but you’re back on the road.

Once you’re back on track, 

  • circle back often to your #1 (What & Why) to keep you motivated. 
  • Circle back to your #2 (Support) to persevere and ensure you’re not in this alone. 
  • Keep returning to #3 (Steps) to reach those milestones no matter how big or small. Big goals can seem overwhelming but if you keep chipping away and celebrating little victories you’ll be successful. 

Tell me, what is your project or goal that is on hiatus?  

I’ll share mine ~ if you share yours!


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