The un-fun resolution

Resolution-schmezolution….maybe you make them, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve kept it for these first two weeks, maybe it didn’t last.

This blog may not be funny, clever or cute. But it’s important. Here’s one resolution that I am begging you to do – It’s a three step project:


  1. Discuss.
  2. Make an appointment.
  3. Complete the process.


We talk, we think about it, we get opinions from others, we talk some more. “Discuss” is even better, indicating a two-way conversation. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Discuss when you’re not tired, when you’re not mad, and on a few different occasions. Don’t let this project end with just talk or discussion.


Make an appointment with a professional that will help you document the important decisions and think of things you did not.


Complete the process – put it in ink, get the signatures on paper, pay the fee, put it in a safe place and tell close friends where it’s at.


What are you talking about, you ask? What? What?


Your will. Your spouse’s will. Your parents’ will. God forbid your childrens’ will (if over 18). Not just your “Last Will and Testament” but a living trust, guardianship, estate “stuff.”  See, I am no expert in what all you need. But you need IT.


I was lucky that my husband Kevin and I did create our wills, and had discussions in the process. It was easy then because we were young and healthy. Death was a far, faraway place and time so it wasn’t that painful to talk about. In our case, sadly, it wasn’t as far away as we wished. But, having a will done and having had some discussions made it a slightly less complicated process in a time that had enough complication already.


I hope death for you, too, is a far, faraway place and time.


But, I beg of you – do it now, so that later on it’s already done. And if you have done it, update it!  Maybe you’ve had kids or more kids, or had kids leave the nest and things need to be adjusted. If you are married, do you and your spouse agree on whom should care for your children if you both are gone? As your parents get older, are they the right choice? What about siblings or best friends?

The grieving people left behind often ask, “what would (my loved one) have wanted?”  I wish I knew if he would be ok with me selling his tools….Who should her jewelry go to?  There will still be some questions like that, but have the discussions now.


Pay the money for an attorney or service that will do this right. Maybe set aside some tax money for it. Get quotes and advice from others on economical but wise professionals in this area. It hurts to pay for something that isn’t fun and immediately useful – but this is important long-term.


Get that “Last Will and Testament” done so that when His will be done you know you’ve eased the burden of those left after you are gone.


(Photo courtesy of the odessey online dot com)
Come back again next time for a happier blog about rainbows and ponies…(or something cheerier). But for now, thanks for reading and seriously considering getting this done.


2 thoughts on “The un-fun resolution

  1. We finally did it last year. It is crazy that we didn’t do it as the boys were growing up- something I am not proud of. Good for you for bringing it up!


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