You’re a Gem! (Part One)

diamond and teal gemI am on an airplane recently after 4 days away from home…. I look out the mini window and feel the warm sun on my pale Michigan arms. My hand reaches up to my neck and touches my favorite silver necklace I wear most days. It’s got a little jewel and two little initial charms – to represent my two kids that I can’t wait to see. My favorite silver necklace….Squirrel! Squirrel! That reminds me, I didn’t wear the Karama gold necklace that held my nametag this weekend at the conference..I’ll wear the gold one tomorrow. Silver & gold, Silver & gold….reminds me of that song, “Make new friends, but keep the-e old, one is silver and the other gold.”  (Do you remember that song?) I thank God immediately for all of my silver and gold friends. But then it seems I have more friend categories than that. What about titanium, nickel, platinum, magnesium (is that even a metal?) I smile, thinking of my different types of friends – the precious metals that I treasure like jewelry pieces in a box that I would never give away. I challenge you to think along with me of your friends in your jewelry box:  

Titanium….cannot be broken from me. The ones that were there for me; they rushed and then stood by my side, and stayed, and called, and stay, and call. I love those necklaces or jewels that you find yourself clutching close to your heart. The ones you miss regularly – something’s wrong when you realize you haven’t worn it (seen her) in awhile. Your heart hurts… must.see.her.

Some friends are like the colorful bangles I wear around my wrist occasionally- they add so much fun to my life! I smile and say, “Yes! It’s so great to see you! I always have fun with you!” But I might not have the energy or time to wear them often.

Do you have some wild jewelry friends that are a “once in awhile” friends?  I love changing it up from time to time – but it’s not for all-season wear. They’re like my friend I met in Spain who would leave our dinner table mid-paella and jump on the back of a Harley with a Don Juan and tell me “I’ll be back luego!” while tossing her head back in laughter…Bless her. I’ve since parted ways with that gem but I still treasure the times we spent together and would love to meet up for some sangria with a side of funny Spain stories.

The “hidden gems” that come out of the woodwork are incredibly special. These are the ones you never knew you had until something bad happened – the jewelry box gets tipped over and there it appears. You discover a new friendship because of an unfortunate situation…and in time, you can be grateful for the good that came out of the bad.

What about the first pair of earrings you ever wore? Do you still have them like I do?  I still have friends that were with me in the start of my childhood…I may not have see them in years but one still texts me with well wishes. Another gem sent me a handmade quilt from her church that prayed over me during a hard time in my life. Like the first earrings in my box, I don’t look at them alot but I smile when thinking of the memories and will never forget them.

There’s jewelry I never thought I’d wear. Not usually my style, but it fits me! I never would have sought this kind out but it was gifted to me and I am going to try it. It might take some getting used to, some hesitation, but it’s starting to grow on me. And when people compliment the new look, it gives me confidence that maybe the gifter knows my style better than me!

I treasure all of my gem friends! The quirky, the sparkly, the everyday, the titanium, the ones that make me feel pretty, special, and valued. I pray that every woman has at least a few friends that make her feel this way.  Thank you, God, for the gems and precious metals you’ve placed in my box.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

(I say that friends of noble character are worth far more than rubies, too)

So, friends, do you have a variety of gems and precious metals in your jewelry box? Have you told a friend today that you are glad they are in your box? To which gem can you send a Thank You note today … thanking them for their place in your life, close to your heart?

What about the broken, tarnished, painful jewelry (the ones that pinch your little neck hairs!)? Do you have some friendships that resemble those?  What do you do with those pieces of jewelry? Toss ‘em? Try to fix them? Is it time to walk away? Or do you wish for certain gems that you fear will never be a part of your box? ……Come back next week for Part 2 ….

broken jewelry


6 thoughts on “You’re a Gem! (Part One)

  1. You are a jewel to me! Our 20+ years have been full of so many twists and turns. To me you are a perfect pair of pearl earrings- fitting for all occasions , classic but not flashy and true and very feminine without being too sweet or precious. Strong and timeless—Bethany!


  2. Bethany,
    I’m so blessed
    you’re a gem in my jewelry box! I have sung the silver and gold song to my kids and tried to teach them not to rank or define their friendships. It’s nice to have love for lots of different kinds of jewelry! Thanks for writing your blog!


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